Charrua Substation (2004)


In Charrua Substation (Chile) was developed some jobs to GE Canada in the year 2004. This substation contains 2 lines of 500 kV, 1 Power auto transformer of 500/220 kV, 2 lines of 220 kV and 2 bays of bar interconnections, 1 bay for each voltage level .

In this substation, ELTMAN has carried out Commissioning and Acceptance Test in Field of protection and control equipments and Level 1 MHI. The most part of protections are from GE, UR line and SCHWEITZER, digital control are GE and UR line equipments.

It has carried out services that are listed below:

Protection curves of protection relay surveys;
Logical interlocking verification;
Control functions verification;
MHI Level 1 verification;
500 kV and 220 kV lines energization;
Power auto transformer of 500/220 kV energization.