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USIMINAS Substation (1998)

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This project was developed to SIEMENS during the years 1997 - 1998. Project was to improve the feed system of high voltage to USIMINAS in Ipatinga - MG.

In this project was established:

2 transformers of 100 MVA, 230 / 69 kV installation;
2 bays line of 230 kV installation;
8 power transformers between 5 and 12 mVA, of 69/13,8 kV installation;
12 pulling ou of 69 kV in underground wires;
84 cubiculums of 11,5 kV installation;
Brandnew substations installation to Self Oven of 69/11,5 kV, with 2 Power transformers 69/11,5 kV, 25 MVA and 4 cubiculum sets of 11,5 kV, totalizing 37 feeders;
Entire protection system fitting and digital control of brandnew installations, including change of exist supervision system.

Eltman scope gathered the follow activities:

Protection and Control project for brandnew installations, including: unifiliars, functionals, triliars and logicals diagrams;
Power and control cable connections, including: interconnection diagrams and cable lists;
Points lists of entire digital system;
Project for brand new equipments installation, including: electric layout - floor plan and cuts; Equipments installations;
Soil loop;
Aerial Network;
Effort on structure calculation;
Electric conductors;
Mechanic Project, including: Metalic structures and equipments support dimensioning;
Civil project and architeture, including: Civil construction layout, gutters and passage panels and equipment basis and portals.