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Sobral III Substation (500 kV)

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Consultancy in Digital Systems of Measurement, Protection, Command, Control and Supervision (MPCCP) to CHESF, in 1999. For this initial stage, Sobral III Substation was established with 1 complete conjugate span, Line of 500 kV, with 2 shunt reactors for the line, in bus configuration of circuit-breaker and half type.

Eltman has executed the follow services:

Analysis of the manufacturer documents of MPCCS, including:
Unifiliars, Trifiliars and Logicals Diagrams;
IHM Level 1 and 2 screens;
Points lists of MPCCS;
Support for Acceptance test in plant;
support for Acceptance test in field;
Studies for protection adjustment of lines and reactors;
Support for stress tests of the distance protections of GE, in the RTDS laboratory of FURNAS;
Auxiliary Services dimensioning CA and CC of Substation.