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Piratininga Substation (2002)

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This project was designed to CONSTRUÇÕES E COMÉRCIO CAMARGO CORREA S.A. in the year 2002. The project consisted in the amplification of UTRE Piratining Substations of 230 kV and 88 kV to connect with 4 Turbo Generators of 160 MAV each.

In this Project, ELTMAN has developed the activities listed below:

Detailed arrangements - floor plan and cuts;
Equipments installation in yard;
Installation materials lists;
Soil loop;
Aerial Network;
Yard illumination;
Stretching calcution for cables;
Effort calcultion on sctrutures;
Metallic structure dimensioning;
Interconnection diagrams and cable lists;
Complete Civil project;
Command house civil project;
COS EMAE improvement;
Points list for Substation to local IHM, COS EMAE and ONS.
Project for Income Mesuarement System and Energy qualification ensurance.
Interconnection panels for EGATROL with Substation PLC project.