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Aracruz Substation (230 kV)

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This project was developed to Siemens, in the year 2002. In this project was elaborated an amplification of 138 kV Main Substation Sector, where it was installed two line of bays of 138 kV, 2 Power transformers of 138/34,5 kV, of 50 MVA each, 2 Power transformers of 138 / 13,8 kV, which one of 40 MVA e other of 33 MAC, 2 panels of 34,5 kV, with 11 feeder exits each, 22 Power transformers de 34,5/4,45 kV, power Cable connection and internal control from Power House of New Generator Turbo of 140 MVA.

In this Project, ELTMAN has developed the follow activities:

General layout - Floor Plan and Cuts;
Electric conductors;
Equipment installation;
Soil Loop project;
Aerial Network project;
Turbo Generator Instrumentation project;
Cable of 34,5 kV installation;
Cable connection Control : interconnection diagrams and cable lists.