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B. J. da Lapa, Irecê e Bomfim Substations (230 kV)

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This project was designed to GE, during the years of 2001 and 2002.

At Bom Jesus da Lapa exit to Irecê, and Irecê exit to Bom Jesus da Lapa, it was installed 2 capacitors of basic series of GE, and it was changed all protection and control from respective bays to brandnew GE equipments. In Bomfm exit to Irecê, it was changed line protections to GE realys of UR line.

In this project, ELTMAN has developed the follow activities:

Digital System of Measurement, Protection, Control Command and Supervision Workstatement;
Unifiliars, trifiliars, functions and logics diagrams;
Project for control and protection panels, including: extern and intern visions, connection tables (FROM -TO), materials and labels lists;
Existing conventional panels adaption;
Interconnection diagrams and cable lists;
Points list;
Level 1 screen;
MHIs Level 1 configuration;
IED of bay control configuration;
Adjustment and protection configuration studies;
Project for panels installation and Optical Fibers Network;
Acceptance tests in plant;
Acceptance tests in field.