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Teresina II Substation (500/230 kV)

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This project was designed to CHESF in the years 2001 - 2002. It has consisted in the improvement of Line 500kV exit to Presidente Dutra, 1 Power auto transformer 500/230 kV of 600 MVA, 1 shunt reactor and 1 circuit breaker in the A span, that not existed.

In this Project, ELTMAN has developed the activities listed below:

Workstatement of Digital System of Mesuarement, Protection, Command, Control and Supervision;
Unifiliars, Trifiliars, Functionals and Logicals Diagrams;
Existing panels of Protection and Control revision, to adapt them to brand new bays and equipments;
Interconnection diagrams and cable lists;
Point list Level 1, 2 and 3;
Levels 1 and 2 Screens;
MHIs Levels 1 and 2 configuration;
Protection configuration;
Project for panels installation and Optical Fibers Networks;
Acceptance tests in field for entire system.