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Basic Projects

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ELTMAN has elaborated basic projects in electrical areas, civil, mechanic and telecommunication to hydroelectrical plants, substations, Industrial installations and several systems.

Electric Basic Project:

Unifiliar diagrams;
Digital systems for Protection and Control:
- Preliminary Points list;
- System dimensioning;
- Architeture Diagram;
Descriptive books;
Control and Command, Protection and Measurement system TE;
Protection systems TE;
Control systems TE;
Power transformers and generators TE
Loaders and batteries TE;
TE of PTs, CTs and lightning-conductors;
Sectioning and circuit breakers TE;
Armour bus TE
Medium and Low voltage distribution pannel TE;
Electrical layout, floor plan and cut designs

Civil Basic Project:

Civil layout, floor plan and cut designs;
Architeture designs;
Concrete TE.

Mechanic Basic Project:

Mechanic layout designs;
Descriptive Books;
Metallic structure dimensioning;
Generator refrigeration system TE;
Fire fight and detection system TE;
Emptying and drainage systems TE;
Ventilation system TE;

Telecommunication Basic Project:

Telecommunication architeture;
Telecommunication system TE;
Frequencies plan definition.

Aerial Network Basic Project:

Aerial Network feeding unifiliars diagrams;
Auxilary service of Station unifiliar diagrams;
Electrics sectioning definition;
Messenger contact wire definition;
Maximum span definition;
Pole and portals profile definition;
Maximum efforts on structures calculation;
Cable diagrams;
Aerial Network TE