ELTMAN - Engenharia e Sistemas | Soluções em Energia.

Studies and Technical Advisory

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ELTMAN has a team of Senior Engineers and Consultants that allows elaboration of Engineering and Technical Advisory studies in several areas, such as: studies of economical viability for Hydroelectric Power Plants, protection systems selectivity studies, short circuit calculations, load-flow, stability and overvoltages for power systems, starting of large motors, among others.

ELTMAN has a team of Senior Engineers and Consultants that is able to elaborate engineering studies and technical advisory and they can offer services that are listed below:

Short Circuit;
Load flow;
Harmonic filters modeling to industries;
Cos fi correction;
Generator protections, transmission lines and industry system adjustments;
Synchronous generators stability;
Transitory Restablishment voltage verification to Circuit Breakers;
High Extra voltage (345 kV, 440 kV, 500 kV) of transmission lines energization;
High Extra voltage of transmission lines restarted;
Power Transformers energization.

Technical Advisory:

Industrial installation, substations and hydroelectrical power plants mechanics and spinning condition survey;
Control and Supervision systems Diagnosis;
Communication Protocols development;
Software development;
Intelligent highway systems;
Security and Supervision Systems;
Systems and Equipments technnical analysis;