ELTMAN - Engenharia e Sistemas | Soluções em Energia.

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Our company is localized in São Paulo city - Brazil, in a 400 m2 building, with a complete infrasctruture: internal network with more than 70 stationworks, several printers and plotters connected, meeting room, many servers that support our projects and administrative area, and finally, we provide online backup of all our project files with a specialized company, with total security. Our installations are totally acclimated.

Our technician team is formed with more than 70 professionals in full time period, and completed with independent consultants and workgroups in specific areas, working under ELTMAN coordination.

In order to manage quality and productivity assurance of our products and services, ELTMAN has choosen the skill improvement of our professionals as our priority investments, through internal and external courses and acquisition and development of softwares that are aiming to serve engineering and administration areas.